Recovery Week Thoughts

I always feel guilty about recovery weeks.  I have researched and fully understand the importance and value of the recovery time.  I get it.  But I still feel guilty and uneasy about these.

Now that I have surrounded myself with bikes and made cycling a key part of my daily life, I have an hourly visual reminder to go cycle.  So I have to constantly remind myself to not go commute to and from work, to not go ride at the trail, to plan the weekend differently, etc.

It's all good though.  This week, I am doing some micro rides, where I am trying to not push at all.  I am doing weights and long walks.  I am also trying to catch up on some sleep.  I am driving to work and back, getting reacquainted with my cars, traffic, satellite radio, and phone calls.  And this experience makes me realize that while I really like mike cars, but I LOVE my bikes! 

The more I am staying away from my bike routine, the more I want to do it next week, which is another good thing.

After reading this blog, I also realize that this sounds like a ramblings of an addict.  You can substitute the bike with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. -- and it probably would sound the same.  This said, I absolutely love my cycling addiction and obsession! 

Here is to the recovery week and more riding coming up!


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