Thursday, February 12, 2015

10,000 miles!

When I started on July 2, 2012, I was at 262 pounds, had a pretty bad blood pressure problem.  3 months prior I had a meniscus surgery.  Things were looking not so hot.

I've always loved cycling, so I decided to take my old hybrid bike out of storage and start riding.  3 mile rides were tiring me out.  Once I settle on a routine, I started discovering cool trails and venturing out further and further.  Before I knew I was close to 1,000 miles on the hybrid bike.

That is when I got my first road/cyclocross bike, a Specialized Tricross #Specialized. This opened a whole different world of longer rides.  Even though it weighed 29 pounds, it was fun to ride.  So I did my first metric century on it.

5,500 miles last year.  3 centuries and one double metric.  Yes, cycling is awesome!

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