2018 Cycling Resolutions

Cycling has been an interesting adventure for me.  It went from a hobby to an obsession very quickly.  At some point, I started riding every day.  I was riding every weekend.  I was enjoying centuries, climbs, and long rides.

One of my primary goals was losing weight and getting healthier.  I had dropped close to 45 pounds in 3 years, when I was on top of my cycling shape.

It was also a great mechanism for meditating, analyzing, and solving problems.

Things started changing as kids started picking up their own sports, such as competitive soccer.  Things changed even more as the family's social circle grew.  The weekend cycling time fizzled away steadily.  It got to the point where I started barely riding weekends.

The weight slowly crept up.

I tried to substitute the weekend rides with cycling to work and back.  It took a lot of planning with busy work, train schedules, and family time.  But it worked.  Mostly.  As I got into the cadence of consistent bike rides, I started feeling better, more refreshed, and stronger.

But then the days got shorter and soon I felt not comfortable riding in darkness and rain.  Of course,  these are all excuses.  But as the mind gets busy with work, family, chores, and other things, creativity sometimes goes down.  Discipline slips and the weight creeps up even more.

And then there was the winter break.  In a place called Cowiche,WA.  With lots of snow and ice.  With not many places to go.  With beautiful mountains to watch.  And to dream about riding these roads.  Like I did three Christmases back when there was no snow. 

What I love about these breaks is time to introspect and re-evaluate things.  Among many things I analyzed and decided to change, cycling was one of key topics.

This year my goal is to ride 3,000 miles.  That is roughly 700 - 800 miles more than last year.  It is still about 2,000 short of 2015, but I am dealing with reality.

I am planning to ride at least once or twice to work and back per week.  I am also planning to be more disciplined about the weekends.  This means going to sleep a little earlier and doing an early morning ride, so I can spend time with the family during the day.

I want do do at least one or two centuries this year.  Eventually I want to do a double century.  I have done two double metric centuries of 130 miles, but a 200 mile ride is a challenge I want to take one of these years.

Finally, another resolution is writing more.  So here we go...

... and I have a new toy to start 2018 with.


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